generic errors and compatibility

Crashing Element 3D

When Element 3D can't initialise, it can show you an error message, saying "Element has encountered an unrecoverable error". 90% of the times restarting After Effects resolves the problem. If not, please ask for official support from Videocopilot or check out our System incompatibility site.

Missing assets

When you open the project for the first time, After Effects may not find the assets. Don't worry, everything is included in the .zip package.


To re-link the files, right click on one of the files in the Project window. Find > Replace footage > File... Navigate to the unzipped folder and find .../(Footage)/ASSETS/... Choose the file from the folder. After Effects will automatically find the other missing files.

Expression error

Sometimes After Effects displays Expression error messages. Don't worry, it will disappear after you start rendering the scene. The issue is caused by After Effects' delay in the expression processing. It doesn't affect the final render quality.

Missing Plugin

When you open the After Effects template, you can get the following message if the Element 3D plugin is not installed: This project contains a reference to a missing effect. Please install the following effect to restore the reference. "Element"


Please download and install the latest Element 3D V2 plugin.

Software and Hardware Compatibility

Element 3D is an advanced 3D plugin for After Effects. Therefore, it needs a good computer to render animations. If the computer doesn't have the minimum requirements, the plugin can crash or create glitches. The Plugin needs a dedicated GPU which is supported by Videocopilot. It can't render properly using the CPU. Check for a full list of supported GPUs on the Videocopilot website.


smartadsone Compatibility Checklist


Systems and Software


- After Effects CC 2020


- Windows 7 SP1 and up


- MacOS 10.7 and up



If the System doesn't have the Minimum System Requirements, Refunds CANNOT BE MADE. For more information, please visit Envato Refund Policy.


Graphics Card requirements


- Nvidia and ATI Supported - Minimum 512 MB of VRAM


- Nvidia GeForce - 200, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 Series (some restrictions may apply)


- Nvidia Quadro and Quaddro FX Series (some restrictions may apply)


- ATI Radeon HD 5500 and Later for Windows and Mac


- ATI Radeon Cards on Mac require MacOS 10.8 or higher


Recommended GPU Specifications


For ideal performance we recommend at least a GeForce GTX 660 or AMD 7850. - Minimum 1GB of VRAM


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