Customisation panel

1. When you open the project, you can see the Customisation Panel composition. Select ‘Cards’ on the Composition screen. Settings appear on the left in the ‘Effect Control’ Panel.


2. When you choose a new colour (eg. the colour of the text), the colour will change in every composition in the project.


Change texts

1. Select the Text layers in the Composition






 2. Change them.


 3. That was easy, wasn’t it?




Cannot see the texts? That’s because they are animated. Move the ‘Time Indicator’ to the end of the layer and the whole sentence will appear.

Replacing screen

1. Import your recording to After Effects


2. Find the first Scene Composition (eg. REPLACE SCREEN)












3. Place the Recording/Screenshot into the Composition and Adjust it on the Timeline.


















4. If you have a smaller resolution, right click on the Layer, select ‘Transform’ and choose ‘Fit to Comp’.

Replace app icon


We pre-animated the App Icon for you. The only thing you should do is replacing it with yours.


1. Find the ‘REPLACE APP-LOGO’ Composition in the ‘Project’ window or in SCENE_1, SCENE_6.







2. Import your App’s icon into After Effects.


3. Place the image into the Composition. Make sure that the image is under the "CUT" layer.







4. The Screen should update everywhere.




The changes you make in this composition will effect all the others. You don’t have to change the icon again.

Endframe / Packshot

 1. Add a short text and your website. If you don’t need any text layers, turn of the visibility by toggling the ‘Eye’ icon.


2. Is your app only available on Google Play Store or in the Apple AppStore? You can hide the Store badges easily.

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